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Real-time Data, Technology and People



Real-time data from any source to any device

  • No big IT Project, installed in days
  • Data from all legacy systems - simplified and displayed
  • Real-time to any device, phone, iPad, desktop etc.

Real-Time Operations Dashboards

  • Visualise your critical data in Real-time

  • Monitor, control & manage everything, any time, any place

  • Alerts & trends tell you when and where to look

Beautiful, obvious, powerful and mobile.
What is Visual Performance Management?

Together with our technology partner Transapara, VisualKPI displays critical performance management data visually in real time to key decision makers, wherever they are and on whatever device they use enabling faster smarter decisions for smooth efficient operations. Best of all it does not require any large IT project or long training.

"Adds value from day one, Great support team. Loved by end users"  Western Power.

How does Visual Performance Management work?

Simply tell us what you would like to visualise - your critical KPI's, asset utilisation, maintenance or defect warnings, stock levels, supplier deliveries, client orders, staffing levels, the uses are limitless. Just tell us where your data lives and to whom and how you would like it delivered and we do the rest. We can incorporate alerts, trend  analysis  and so on and best of all we do it in hours not weeks or months! Impossible? Try us .

"Our data designers could not believe that what they wanted to do for 2 years was achieved in 10 minutes!"  Pemex.

  Results of Visual Performance Management?

We turn your data into meaningful visual metrics driving performance improvements through automated KPI's, trends, and dashboards showing real time performance against your targets with automated alerts when things go off track. Timely corrective actions result in increased EBITDA and CASH. Improved liason between suppliers, in house processes and customers, integrated data from any source to any device with no major IT projects!

"every time we avert an incident we save hndreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions" Nationa Grid

Industry week

"14% less downtime"


So how does it work?

Read in Real-Time from All Your Sources

Visual KPI reads data in real-time from almost any data source, including many at the same time. Some customers use more than 50 data sources concurrently. We like to think of data sources in several classes:

  • Historians / Time-Series Data / IoT/IIoT

  • Relational / OLAP / Big Data

  • Web Services / REST APIs /JSON, XML, OData

  • Manual Data & Spreadsheets

We READ this data without moving it into a new master source you have to manage and maintain, which also eliminates most of the project time and expense.

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