A Digital Manufacturing Suite (DMS) for Industry 4.0

Visual PM's advanced DMS, is a “Plug and Play” software suite implemented alongside proven change management processes

Together they transform a traditional manufacturing SME into a world class digital enterprise.

Transforming organisations with Real-time Data through IIoT connecting machines, systems (inc. ERP), assets, processes and people.

Product Features

  • Comprehensive Modular "Plug and Play"

  • Fully integrates with ERP systems

  • IIoT connecting machines, systems, processes, assets and people

  • Connected IIoT delivering Real Time data into a data warehouse and enabling sophisticated data mining

  • Send CAD drawings, product specifications, BoMs and Work Orders, straight to operator and machine terminals - reducing the need for paper in the workplace

  • Real Time Data from machines through IIoT connected to any device (including mobile), at any location with full production control, OEE and detailed drill downs

  • Alarm and alert management - Provides a mechanism for auto alerts linked to exceptions management and nonconformance management

  • Customisable dashboards, KPI's and management tools

  • Advanced reporting module, including predictive analysis 

  • Dynamic Production Scheduling Module - auto corrects scheduling through linking with Real Time machine data

  • Stock Control Module eliminating stock outs and over stocks - including WIP tracking, materials and finished goods

  • Equipment and resources management

  • Integrated modules on:

    • Quality

    • Predictive maintenance

    • Document management

    • Dynamic costing

Advanced DMS for Industry 4.0

Product Benefits

  • Converts any ERP system into a fully digital manufacturing system

  • Modular solution implemented in stages - with the 1st stage of "go live" within days of project commencement

  • Connects all areas of the business, from sales through to dispatch

  • Transparency and visualisation dashboards in all areas

  • All of the team are utilising the same data, driven from connected IIoT and delivery Real Time

  • Remote access with multi-level access and drill down

  • Release TRIPLE cash benefits to fund stage 3 advanced robotics, ML and AI:

    • Top Line sales growth by releasing production availability

    • Bottom line improvements by reducing internal production costs

    • Improved cashflow - lower material, consumables, WIP and FG stocks

  •  Already proven in North West Made Smarter pilot with a top 100 North West SME

VisualPM Advanced DMS and proven change management methodology allows us to:

  • Deliver a minimum ROI of 250% with results up to 800% on an annual basis

  • Usually achieve an ROI of 100% before completion of project

  • Quickly improve cash flow headroom

  • Facilitating top line growth by increasing production availability

  • Significant bottom line improvement from reduced operational costs

  • Deliver on carbon footprint objectives

Our founders have over 40 years combined experience of successfully delivering operational improvements and turnaround in a wide range of manufacturing environments including automotive, aerospace, light & heavy manufacturing, engineering, chemical, food & drink, Pharma  oil & gas and high tech industries.

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